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Original - Oil / 23k Gold leaf on canvas
18" x 24

The model represents Black people from ancestry in Africa to today and being female she is the Queen Mother of the Black race. Behind her is a key with the Sankofa symbol in the handle. The Sankofa symbol is an Adinkra from Africa. The Sankofa represents the idea of looking to your past with understanding that both the good and the bad has helped you become who you are today. The key is still out of reach and not quite in focus in the background and as we unite it will become more focused. She is holding a 23K golden egg with the word UNITY on it. There is a keyhole for the key to open and begin the birth of a mighty Nation to its rightful place on this planet.

This painting was inspired by an exhibition with the theme of “AfroFuturism”. I asked around to see other interpretations of this title and found that it was pretty open ended. So I asked myself, what would the future be like for Black people in America and around the world? Out of my desire to see us a free and successful people without the debilitating multi-generational poverty and self-hate. Only through UNITY, embracing our own differences and those of our Latino and Native American brothers and sisters, will we be able to change the patterns of our current condition.


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