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Original - Oil on canvas
24" x 48"

This painting was created in memory of Scott Joplin and all of the Black musicians that created their own rhythm and music " Out of the box". A syncopation or syncopated rhythm is any rhythm that puts an emphasis on a beat, or a subdivision of a beat, that is not usually emphasized. One of the most obvious features of blues  is a strong steady beat that can easily be grouped evenly into measures. This makes it easy to dance and clap your hands to the beat. This can get pretty boring at times and Syncopation is one way to liven things up. I have incorporated some of these notes in the painting.   In 1899, Scott Joplin wrote and performed his Maple Leaf Rag which was arrestingly new in his time. African-Americans have always found ways to liven up music and have created an entirely unique form of musical expression in Blues and Jazz.

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