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Our Story In Kush

Our Story In Kush

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Original - Oil on canvas
48" x 48"

In this painting I wanted to display the variety of kings and queens of the empire of Kush and some of the early contributions they had developed. In the background, on the left of the canvas, is the Library of Alexandria with scrolls of written text. You can see the designs of ceramic tile above the scrolls. Across to the right are examples of the Nubian architecture such as castles and luxurious surroundings. While Europeans were still living in mud and wood huts with their cows and chickens and other animals inside with them and not bathing on a regular basis, the Nubians had streets paved with lighting at night, large luxurious baths, stables for animals apart from living quarters, running water and a very strong University system for learning.

All of the lessons to a higher civilization were shared with the Europeans and they in turn took the knowledge and hid its source in their history.
The Kingdom of Kush or Kush was an ancient African kingdom and high civilization situated on the confluences of the Blue Nile, White Nile and River Atbara in what is now the Republic of Sudan. Kushite kings ruled as pharaohs of the Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt for a century until 656 BC. The people were Black Nubian and as a result, the political structure and organization of Kush as an independent ancient state has not been recognized by European scholars. These are the kings and queens that predated the Egyptian empire.

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