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My Land Stone Mountain

My Land Stone Mountain

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Original - Oil on gallery wrap canvas
24" x 24"

This painting is one in a series of three called "This Is My Land". It is a statement about the sacrifices and hardships that African Americans have endured to help build the wealth of America despite the absence of their history in mainstream America. The use of Adinkra symbols (images linked to African proverbs) is my way of making a mark of tribute to my ancestors long gone but not forgotten. The Adinkras in this painting represent: Law & Justice.

I enjoyed creating this series of three which are quite different from the traditional landscape. First, I treated each of the canvases with a texture paste and added an extra design in the paste on the side panels. Then I treated the whole canvas with several coats of Gesso to seal the porous paste. Then I was ready to paint using the same color palette to tie them together. Each one has the look of a gateway to the landscape. These three can be hung as a triptych with My Land Stone Mountain as the anchoring center canvas.

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