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Maruvian Healing II Mask Diptych

Maruvian Healing II Mask Diptych

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Original - Oil on canvas wrap

Size: 10"x 30"

This is a two part painting (diptych). This painting was inspired by the BASONGE healing mask used by designated healers that brought with them years of experience in herbs and medicines (much like modern doctors of today) and this mask was worn to ensure a positive image to aid in faith and assurance of the skills of the wearer.

The identifiable lines on this healing mask are abstracted and carried into and around the image creating motion and a sense of infinity as the eye is captured and begins to travel around and around. This feeling captures the notion that the healing expertise began at the beginning of time and will continue into the future of this planet. In this mask is such knowledge and healing experience that carries through many generations and is only now beginning to be recognized by modern man. 

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