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Fertility of Spirit II

Fertility of Spirit II

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Original - Oil on  canvas wrap
24" x 30"

This painting is a continuation of the musical series inspired by the title of "Songhai to Symphony Hall". It is one of two paintings that anchor the center piece called, "Soulful Strings and Percussion". They both reflect the fertility that comes from the spirit of the ancestors that cultivated the intelligence of creativity and its expression in the arts. A sound base was established by the ancestors of African Americans from which modern art forms derive their creative roots that continue to branch into the future. This spirit will continue to evolve and explore new and innovative vistas whether it is acknowledged by those "In power to declare great works of art" or not. Together in a triptych, Fertility of Spirit I / Soulful Strings and Percussion / Fertility of Spirit II form a bold statement of the evolution of music from ancient Africa to the Halls of modern music. Rendered in "Plastic Space", I have incorporated the doll of fertility and the carving of a spirit guide along with the textiles of kings...Kente Cloth... And modern musical notes from an old "Negro Spiritual" ..."God's Goin' to Set This World on Fire"

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