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Safeguarding the beauty of your original fine art is our top priority. CLICK HERE for instructions on purchasing this masterpiece.

Original - Oil on canvas
Size: 24" x 36"

This painting is a personal statement addressing the enigmatic need by too many Black American females seeking acceptance by altering their appearance to resemble a more accepted version of beauty, sometimes to the extreme. This painting was inspired by observing a beautiful ebony skinned girl working as a cashier in my neighborhood. She had virtually, in my personal opinion, ruined her queenly looks by having her hair bleached out to a strange shade of orange-yellow. It was braided and hanging down around her shoulders. She was wearing very obvious blue contact lenses that did not enhance her looks but made her appear to be from another planet. I can only guess, as happens too often, that at some time in her life she was convinced that she was ugly because she was black. This look might make her feel better. But...In my opinion, this young lady had actually destroyed her natural beauty for her imagined image of beauty.
Parents, be sure to teach your children high self esteem and pride in who they are and the natural beauty they posses and don't forget to look in the mirror to make sure you are setting a good example to your children. Our history must be taught to our children to help develop self pride and worthiness and it is a family responsibility to see it done. As an educator, I know for a fact that unfortunately schools cannot be relied on to do this for us.

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