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Divas On Vocal

Divas On Vocal

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Safeguarding the beauty of your original fine art is our top priority. CLICK HERE for instructions on purchasing this masterpiece.

Original - Mixed Media Ceramic on plywood
Size:  24" x 36"

These are some of my My People, My People series characters.

Mariposa: Her dream is to become a great singer, make lots of money and marry a rich man.

Her reality is to start and own the largest female Hispanic-American Construction engineering firm in America that greatly improves the work ethics toward Mexicans and women, attract and marry Mr. Right that owns his own construction firm and become a formidable team that makes history.

 Chante: Her dream is to become a great singer, make enough money to buy

Loads of clothes and shoes, and eventually have a family and a big house.

Her reality is to become a popular top international clothing designer of note, adopt five children that become her devoted family and eventually meet and marry Mr. Right that happens to own a huge house and other properties.

 Samantha: Her dream is to become a great singer, travel the world, and help promote peace in the world.

Her reality is to become an American ambassador to several countries for the President Of the United States and is instrumental in bringing peace to several nations of unrest, become a Nobel peace prize recipient, and marry the next President of the United States.

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