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Celebration of Renewal

Celebration of Renewal

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Original - Oil on gallery wrap canvas
Size: 30" x 40"

The idea of a celebratory ceremony of motion and color reflecting the energy of renewal in all life on the planet and in the solar system is the product of this Plastic Space rendering. One can see and feel the energy traveling in and through this piece from outer space to inner space, traveling with the light around and behind objects that are meant to reflect the earth and things of the earth. Central in the piece is a reflection of our planet at its best and the potential for it's demise. This is keeping the reality of our times but at the same time shows how things can, and most likely will be, reversed to a healing. This painting was created in layers with the celebration mask as the first focal piece. After painting the mask, I have added objects that are created from our planets gifts such as the grasses to make baskets, wood to carve masks, greenery to make clean air, and a planet that is our home. The outer space, galaxies and stars are the final layer where space gases move in bands creating new stars and galaxies. We are that stardust and all matter that it takes to make us and our planet came from this outer cosmos. I wanted to bring this new level of interest into the painting, tying our balance with the universe to a need to keep the balance of our planet. Keeping balance by having our air clean, waters clean and flowing, forests green and growing. There is also a desperate need to return the balance of humanity with our moral center in Gods law, and respect for our ancestors, elders, and fellow man.

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