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Boyz N The Hood

Boyz N The Hood

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Original - Mixed Media Ceramic on plywood
Size: 24" x 30"

This is a part of my My People, My people Character series;

Slam-D: Here is talented young man approximately 15 years of age. He has been told that because of his height, he needs to be a basketball player. He embraces that belief and goes everywhere with his basketball.

 His dream is to become a famous pro basketball star on a winning team, make millions, have a big house, fancy cars and loads of “Bling, Bling”.

His reality is yet unknown to him. He has not acknowledged his natural ability to understand the workings of the human body and his gift to know exactly what to do to heal injuries. He has a hidden desire to learn more about the physical connection between mind and body. He is very gifted, quick witted and a fast learner. He will become America’s top brain surgeon and develop a direct connection to the healing capacity of the human brain. He will make billions in patents, publications, and speech tours. He will have all that he ever wanted, make history and leave a great legacy for his family.

 Sho-T: This character is a short overweight young man around 15 years of age. He is convinced, by watching the rap channel that being overweight is a plus to be a “Rapper” Pressured by his peers to be cool, he spends his money on name brand clothes and styles that often leaves him broke. He puts in many hours practicing his rhymes and imitating the styles of the current big time artists.

His dream is to become a big time “Gangsta Rapper” and make thousands of dollars, live in a big house, and have fancy cars.

His reality is unknown to him just yet. His natural ability to figure out complex mathematical problems with little effort is constantly downplayed by him to his peers so he won’t appear too smart. He has a natural desire to search out and solve answers to hypothetical questions that others just wonder about but consider too hard to figure. He has a quick ability to learn and recall information. He will become an astro physicist and discover new clean fuel source and the secrets of space travel at the speed of light to other galaxies. He will make millions from his patents, make history and have an ongoing legacy for his family.

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