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Banjo Legacy

Banjo Legacy

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Original - Oil on canvas
 30" x 40"

This painting was inspired by a fellow artist from the AfriCobra group that challenged me to do a painting of someone playing a banjo. This was fun to create and I do love challenges. Here are three generations of Banjo players. This is a skill handed down from father who taught his son and in turn taught his son. The three get to perform together on stage. The music they create together is so unique because of the spin that each has developed. The next generation adding his own personal flair to his skill  and finally being able to combine these talents to create fantastic melodies for the listener. The melodies travel in and around the musicians creating waves of vibrating music so palpable that the viewer can perceive these motions visually.


This artwork is under consignment courtesy of Black Art In America Gallery /

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