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Ashe III

Ashe III

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Medium: Oil on archival canvas
Size:  24" x 48"


Ashé III is a tribute to the cultural traditions in our society that binds us together as a family. I have used masks from around the world representing a major event in our society that brings us together into a greater family unit. Masks from Alaska, Native American, African and Papua New Gunnea.

When there is illness, the healing mask brings calm and reassurance, similar to having a family surround and comfort a sick person. The rite of passage mask aids a child’s transition to adulthood and adult responsibilities and expectations they must assume. The funerary mask keeps the memories of loved ones no longer with us in this world alive in our hearts. The fertility mask ensures the ability to have children and have good health in childbearing.

The warrior mask depicts the strength and power of our Black men as protectors and leaders of our society. The judgment mask represents the responsibility to settle disputes with fairness and wisdom for the good of the whole society. The animal mask shows respect and good treatment for all life that is given to us by God’s grace. The textiles and carvings show appreciation of the arts and crafting of beautiful things by our people. These are the ties that bind our society into a great family of people.

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