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The Sound of Soul Percussion

The Sound of Soul Percussion

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Original - Oil on canvas
24" x 30"

I have used my signature style of Plastic Space™ to capture the syncopation of the music in this painting. The musical notes indicate the basic rhythm of the modern drum and that of the clave pattern found in African, Cuban and Brazilian music. I have incorporated the different kinds of percussion instruments. Ancient ones from Africa to the modern instruments of America are included. The ancient Udu Clay Pot Drum sits in front as a precursor to the future of drums. The Djembe drum, the African Talking drum, the Tambourine, the shells of a shaker, and the snares of a modern snare drum all are woven together in a tapestry of movement. The Kente cloth ties this rhythmic session together setting the tone of the jazzy colors that interact with one another.

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