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Maruvian Akuaba Mask

Maruvian Akuaba Mask

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Original - Oil on  gallery wrap canvas
10" x 10"

These 10" x 10" mask paintings are part of my "paint a small work a day for one month" attempt. This actually took 4 days for each one. I am getting faster but the oils do take time to set when working in layers.

This painting is inspired by the legend of the origination of the Akua'ba doll. It comes from the story of a woman named "Akua" (many variations of the name are found as there are many variations of the spelling of "akua'ba") who could not get pregnant and went to a local diviner or priest and commissioned the carving of a small wooden doll. She carried and cared for the doll as if it were her own child, feeding it, bathing it and so on. Soon the people in the village started calling it "Akua" "ba" - meaning "Akua's child", since "ba" meant child. She soon became pregnant and her daughter grew up with the doll.

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