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Cleopatra VII

Cleopatra VII

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Original - Oil/ Gold leaf on canvas
Size:  30" x 40"

This original painting of Cleopatra VII was commissioned by the APEX Museum in Atlanta, Georgia and is featured in their video presentation “The Journey,” narrated by the late Ossie Davis. In this painting I have depicted her amidst the splendor of her lavishly appointed vessel. She has her favorite color of purple in the silk perfumed sails. The sounds of music being played by her attendants spread across the waters and plenty of fresh food and wine is readily available. She is lounging on her chair of gold and exotic carved wood. She is wearing the golden crown of Isis on her head and a cloak of stars she is said to have worn often, depicting the rule she commanded as a goddess of the heavens.

Cleopatra VII reigned during 69-30 BC at the tender age of seventeen. According to historical writings, she was of African and Greek decent with a mastery of several different languages. My artistic rendering of Cleopatra VII portrays her more accurately than previous renderings of her as Caucasian even though there are no actual images of her available, only descriptions of her looks.



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